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Plans for Expansion to Better Serve the Community

2021 was a landmark year for Talbot Humane, a nonprofit that has served the midshore since 1932, seeing to the well-being of animals and the needs of the community in a wealth of ways, from offering spay/neuter assistance and carefully considered adoptions to crafting legislation to improve animal welfare and micro-chipping pets. In November, the shelter acquired land and a building next door to the existing premises. The real estate was purchased directly from St. Peter and Paul Church.  

Talk about serendipity! 

“A much-needed updating and expansion of our facility was something we had been considering for a while, but it hadn’t made it past the back burner,” says Patty Crankshaw-Quimby, Talbot Humane’s Executive Director. “We were happily surprised by the opportunity that literally fell into our laps. It was the proverbial ‘offer you can’t refuse.’ Saint Peter and Paul approached us to ask if we had any interest in acquiring the real estate. The answer was a resounding “yes”! (Indeed, the Parish House was the locale of our holiday gift shop.) 

A vastly updated and enlarged shelter will enhance Talbot Humane’s efforts on behalf of the animals in our care and beyond.  We will be able to offer services to members of our community—and perhaps even beyond Talbot County {“Animals in need know nothing of geographic boundaries,” Patty says).     

With the land and building now in our possession, we have entered the planning phase of what will be a years-long effort. Early wish-list brainstorming has already begun.  

“A facility with plenty of natural light is key,” says Patty, knowing that this cuts down on the animals’ stress level. Animals flourish when they get a sense of daylight. “Their comfort will be considered at every turn.” She explains that enclosures will no longer be “cages” and chain link. Well-maintained green spaces will punctuate the campus, offering great play spaces for the animals. Medical facilities will be expanded. Also benefitting from the up-to-date shelter will be staffers, volunteers, and the public. Colorful, inviting areas for potential adopters to spend time with the animals will be paramount. Plans will be drawn up with an eye toward maximum efficiency, sustainability, and use of technology.  

“2022 marks Talbot Humane’s 90th anniversary,” says Board President Bridget Horner. “We are thrilled to be entering this banner new year with such a groundbreaking project.”

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