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Intervention and Retention Services- Keeping Loved Pets in Their Homes

While our mission speaks to preventing pet overpopulation, preventing acts of cruelty and neglect and providing a safe haven for animals of our community, another important goal is pet retention. All too often pet owners do not reach out to their local shelters, trainers or veterinarians. Talbot Humane wishes to be a resource for pet owners.


In cooperation with our local veterinarians, trainers and other animal related resources in our area, our hope is to offer solutions in order to help pets stay in their homes.  Issues such as inability to afford acute medical care, litter box issues, inappropriate barking, destructive behavior, socialization, even life circumstance changes which may lead owners to need some assistance with feeding and care for a period of time. Our ultimate goal- pets stay in the home and reduce the number of animals entering local shelters. 


If you are a pet owner experiencing problems and are in need of guidance or have considered surrendering a pet due to life circumstances please contact us today. Please email Dayniese Hurley at Dayniese@talbothumane.org or call (410)822-0107 and state that you are calling regarding tour retention services. We want to help keep the 2 and 4 legged members of your family together!

Services for Horse Owners

Maryland has a number of services available to assist horse owners in need. From assistance with medical needs, feed and re-homing, there are a number of resources available to you.  If you are a horse owner and find you are unable to properly care for your horse(s), please, contact the Maryland Equine Transition Service today. Website: https://mdequinetransition.org/ or call 410-970-6474.

Lost and Found Pets

That moment when you realize your dog or cat jumped the fence, got out the door, or broke free of the leash can be an extremely terrifying time for a pet owner. If you lose a pet please call Talbot Humane immediately with a description and location where lost. If you find a pet please call and report him even if you choose to hold onto the pet for a few hours in an attempt to find the owner. This will increase the chances on both ends of a happy ending.

If your pet goes missing, here are some tips and resources:
  • When you realize your pet is missing you first should always call your local animal control and humane society.  Often they were picked up by a Good Samaritan and brought directly to safety. 
  • If your pet it not currently at the shelter, ALWAYS do a lost pet report. This gives those agencies your contact information and description of your pet so if they do get a call you can be quickly reunited.
  • Search your immediate neighborhood. If you pet likes other animals go to the homes with pets.  If they like children, do the same. A scared pet often gravitates to their comfort zone.
  • Use social media! People are connected 24/7 and with a photo and area last spotted your pet may be found!
  • Cats usually only travel within a block or 2 of home. Ask neighbors to look in their sheds, under decks and in brush. 
  • Put out your pets favorite food , a blanket or shirt that smells like you or other pets in the home by the door they use to go in and out.
  • Resources such as Dogs finding Dogs, Finding Toto, and Red Rover may provide other resources when your pet is no where to be found. 
BEFORE you and your pet are in crisis, there are things you can do to help get them home in the event they become lost:
  • Microchip AND keep the registration current.  Be sure to change phone numbers and addresses as needed with the microchipping company.  If your pet is not currently chipped, contact Talbot Humane today to schedule an appointment.
  • Have ID on your dog’s collar. This includes both ID and license tags, AND writing your phone number on the inside of the collar in permanent marker. 
  • Have a current photo of your pet each year in the event you ever need to make a flyer.


Pet Surrender

Before surrendering any animal to Talbot Humane we encourage pet owners to contact our office to discuss the situation with a trained staff member. Our hope is to retain as many pets in their homes as possible by providing pet owners the resources for medical, behavioral or situational issues.

Every effort is made to find a good home for pets surrendered to Talbot Humane. Our volunteers and staff interact daily with all of the pets to help them transition to our environment. We have no time limit on how long pets are held at Talbot Humane, some are here for months before finding new homes.

Intake Fees

  • We are an open admission shelter for Talbot county residents. a donation toward the care of your pet while residing at our facility is always appreciated.
  • A donation is requested for out-of-county surrendered pets.

Our Intake Process

  • We encourage pet owners to contact us in advance when possible. Our goal is to help you retain your pet whenever appropriate.
  • We are open admission for Talbot County residents.  When our shelter is not at capacity we may take in pets from other areas, but encourage use of resources in your county of residence. 
  • Owner surrendered pets are accepted during office hours only.
  • Please leave your pet outside (in your car or with a friend) and notify staff that you have arrived.
  • You will be asked to fill out a profile card, describing the animal’s personality, health, and history to help us find the perfect new home.
  • Please bring vaccination and medical history if possible. Complete the relinquishment paperwork.
  • The process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

You Will Need

  • A valid driver’s license or state ID with proof of residency- required.
  • Any medical history, medications, and proof of vaccinations.
  • A donation is always appreciated to offset the cost of care while at Talbot Humane but not required.

Spay / Neuter

An important component of our mission at Talbot Humane is to provide affordable and accessible spay/neuter services to residents in need in Talbot County. Talbot Humane offers a no fee or subsidized spay/neuter service to low income pet owners and animal caretakers. We do this through the generosity of private donors and grant monies- we receive no county funds or support for these programs. Our mission in providing this service is the belief that “all Talbot County residents in need will be provided spay/neuter services at the lowest possible fee as long as funds from private donors are available.”


Good for your pet.
  • Spaying or neutering your pet can decrease the risk of diseases that are expensive to treat.
  • Pets that are spayed or neutered have up to an 85% lower risk of certain types of cancers and other serious health complications.
  • Animals that are fixed make better companions because they are not motivated to wander in search of a mate.
Good for you — eliminate annoying behavioral problems.
  • Altered animals are significantly less likely to mark or spray urine.
  • Female animals in heat can cry incessantly, act nervous and attract males from all around. Having your pet spayed eliminates the heat cycle.
  • Animals that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to bite, roam or get into fights.
Good for our community.
  • A compassionate society knows there is a better way to solve overpopulation than needlessly euthanizing unwanted animals.
  • Communities spend millions of dollars to control unwanted companion animals. Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in our community.
  • Spaying or neutering reduces an animal’s desire to roam, resulting in fewer traffic accidents and neighborhood complaints of nuisance animals.





Thanks to a generous grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture and private funding, Talbot Humane is able to offer qualifying residents FREE OR LOW COST spay/neuter services for ALL DOGS AND CATS within Talbot and Dorchester Counties in MD.

For more information or to make an appointment to have your dog or cat altered contact Nancy Benner at (410)822-0107 or thanimalcare@gmail.com today!



Talbot Humane offers low cost micro chipping services for your pet. There are many benefits associated with micro chipping. Micro chipping is easy, painless, and low cost. Why micro chip your pet? It increases the change that a lost pet will be returned to its owner. Micro chipping is a method of identification that will stay with your pet for life, it cannot be lost or removed, nor does it become illegible over time, as ID tags and tattoos can. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Humane Education

Talbot Humane has provided humane education opportunities to all public and private schools grades Pre-K through 12 for more than 10 years.  Our goal is to make the next generation the humane generation.  Lesson options include proper pet care, empathy, social issues ( grades 6-12), and more.  Specific lessons are available upon request.  Summer camps, civic organizations, preschools, and classroom or assembly presentations are available. 

Small tours of the shelter may also be available upon request.  To schedule a presentation or learn more about our program please contact Patty Quimby at (410)822-0107 or patty@talbothumane.org.

Talbot Humane Pet Pantry

The Talbot Humane Pet Pantry was created in 2008 to help pet owners who are faced with the prospect of surrendering their pets because they can no longer afford to purchase food. Many needy families in our community are loving pet owners, but, may be having a difficult time providing food for both their families and their pets. The goal is for local pet owners experiencing hardship will take advantage of this free food program for a limited time. 

Individuals experiencing economic difficulties, especially those with no close family, are particularly in need of their pet’s unconditional love and companionship during difficult times. Our hope, with a little assistance we will be able to keep these pets and their family’s together.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the community and donations from Pet Pantries of Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot Counties, our pantry remains open.


The process to participate is simple.

  • Owners must agree not to obtain new pets or breed their pets while in use of the program. 
  • Owners must agree to abide by all state, county and town laws as they apply to animals.
  • Owners may use the pantry twice monthly.

For new users of the pantry, we ask that you allow 5-10 minutes to register you in the program on your first visit. The Pantry is open during business hours and owners must come to Talbot Humane to pick up food.

Interested in being a donor to the pantry or a business interested in being a drop-off location for food collection? Contact Patty today at patty@talbothumane.org !

Pet Loss Support

Talbot Humane and Talbot Hospice are joining together to offer a Pet Loss Support Group for grieving pet owners. Our goal is to provide a safe environment to share your feelings and those cherished memories of your beloved pets. We hope to offer comfort as well as tools for healing through this difficult process for you, your pets and other family members. 

As pet lovers ourselves we understand the loss of your beloved pet was the loss of a family member.

Meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month at Talbot Hospice House 586 Cynwood Dr, Easton, MD 21601, at 6PM.  Doors will open at 5:30PM for a time of light refreshments and fellowship.  We encourage attendees to RSVP by the Wednesday prior to the meeting to Linda Elzey at lwelzey@gmail.com or call Talbot Humane at (410)822-0107

For more information and tips on processing the loss of your pet , please click here.


Talbot Humane offers humane euthanasia for severely ill pets. Euthanizing a pet is a difficult decision that nearly all pet owners have face at some point. When you approach this point in your animals life, your veterinarian is your best source of information and advice.

Talbot Humane does provide this service for pet owners.  For more information or to make an appointment please contact us at (410)822-0107.


At Talbot Humane we understand the difficulty of losing a pet, who for most of us becomes a beloved family member. We endeavor to treat your pet as our own. With this belief Talbot Humane provides affordable cremation with the respect and compassion that you would expect. For more information about this service please call (410)822-0107.

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