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Pet Surrender Services

Pet Surrender

Before surrendering any animal to Talbot Humane we encourage pet owners to contact our office to discuss the situation with a trained staff member. Our hope is to retain as many pets in their homes as possible by providing pet owners the resources for medical, behavioral or situational issues.

Every effort is made to find a good home for pets surrendered to Talbot Humane. Our volunteers and staff interact daily with all of the pets to help them transition to our environment. We have no time limit on how long pets are held at Talbot Humane, some are here for months before finding new homes.

Intake Fees

  • We are an open admission shelter for Talbot county residents. A donation toward the care of your pet while residing at our facility is always appreciated.
  • A donation is requested for out-of-county surrendered pets whenever possible.

Our Intake Process

  • We encourage pet owners to contact us in advance when possible. Our goal is to help you retain your pet whenever appropriate.
  • We are open admission for Talbot County residents.  When our shelter is not at capacity we may take in pets from other areas, but encourage use of resources in your county of residence. 
  • Owner surrendered pets are accepted during office hours only.
  • Please leave your pet outside (in your car or with a friend) and notify staff that you have arrived.
  • You will be asked to fill out a profile card, describing the animal’s personality, health, and history to help us find the perfect new home.
  • Please bring vaccination and medical history if possible. Complete the relinquishment paperwork.
  • The process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

You Will Need

  • A valid driver’s license or state ID with proof of residency- required.
  • Any medical history, medications, and proof of vaccinations.
  • A donation is always appreciated to offset the cost of care while at Talbot Humane but not required.
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Have You Lost Your Pet?

Please check this link and contact our office to report a missing pet.

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