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Talbot Humane cares for nearly 1,200 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and small animals each year. We would not be able to give these animals the quality care they deserve without the help of our dedicated volunteers. If you would like to contribute your time, compassion, and special skills to Talbot Humane, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Dornton, at (410) 822‐0107 or megandornton@gmail.com or volunteer@ talbothumane.org

Getting Started!

All volunteers are required to fill out and submit a volunteer application before they begin volunteering with Talbot Humane. Once we receive your application, the volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up a time for you to attend a volunteer orientation. Attendance at a volunteer orientation is a requirement for all new team members prior to beginning your service with our organization.

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer orientations are held monthly in groups of 10 ‐ 12 and are by RSVP only. This meeting gives you an overview of the program and volunteer opportunities, information on policies and procedures and a tour of the facility. Once you have attended this orientation, you will be connected with a volunteer mentor who will show you the ropes for your areas of interest.

If you are interested in attending a volunteer orientation, please submit your volunteer application, we will contact you soon!  Questions?  Feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator, Megan Dornton, at (410) 822‐0107,  megandornton@gmail.com or volunteer@ talbothumane.org

Time to start Volunteering!

Now that you have completed your orientation and training, your journey of making a difference for the animals will begin!  Simply click the link below to log on to our scheduling website and sign up to help.  For any questions about our volunteer program, training or volunteer website needs please contact Megan Dornton at Talbot Humane.


lost pet

Have You Lost Your Pet?

Please check this link and contact our office to report a missing pet.

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