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Welcome to UNLEASHED!


Our program works for novice runners, weekend warriors, and seasoned athletes. We have a lot of fun while we support the animals of Talbot Humane and build a community of lifelong runners- and friends.


UNLEASHED is a  physical conditioning program geared at both beginners and experienced runners. More than 100,000 marathoners have used the training method that Unleashed is based on, with 98% success!  The training combines running with regular walk breaks to help you build endurance.  You will start out with a slow 3-mile run and gradually increase your distance each Saturday during group runs.  Each week you will see your progress and really appreciate how far you’ve come!  Generally, new runners start out with half marathon training.  Returning runners often opt to train for a full marathon!

What’s it Like?

Mostly, it’s FUN!  We meet at Idlewild Park in Easton every Saturday morning to run with our pace groups, people who run at the same pace as you!  We have course maps set out, water stops and trail support, and a team of runners cheering us on.  During the week, we complete two shorter maintenance runs on our own.  Saturday runs increase by one or two miles each week.  Then, we travel as a team on race day to a nearby half or full marathon.  You’ll be amazed at how training with a group  keeps you motivated to run a little farther and push a little harder than you EVER thought possible!

UNLEASHED Member Receive:
  • Expert training and advice
  • Better health and fitness
  • Discount Fitness Classes
  • Discount yoga classes
  • Discount sports massage therapy
  • Fully supportive team
  • You will be making a difference for the animals of our community!


UNLEASHED Member Commitment:

Season Registration Fee  which includes your race fee, team singlet and weekly water stop supplies. (actual fee dependent upon the race we chose that season)

Each runner is required to “get or give” a minimum of $500 in donations to Talbot Humane in season 1- DO NOT PANIC!!! We are here with lots of fundraising tips and strategies.  Most of our runners raise well beyond this goal!

Curious?  Contact us TODAY!  We want to turn you from a couch potato to a marathoner this year!


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