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About Us

Serving the people and pets of Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 1932.

Our goals continue to grow, but our mission has stayed true: 
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for all animals in our care;
  • To rescue animals from cruelty and neglect;
  • To place companion animals into loving homes;
  • To reunite lost pets with their owners; 
  • To reduce pet overpopulation through progressive spay and neuter programs
  • To provide the community with programs and services which support the human animal bond.
Vision Statement

Talbot Humane is the standard of excellence in animal sheltering.

Values Statement

Health and Welfare of the Animals: All companion animals have the right to be healthy & safe. 

Community Education: Animals thrive when they have educated and caring owners that are supported through quality community-based programs. 

Community Engagement: Engaging and participating in and with the community with regards to animal care and support services impacts the community and the owners of animals in a positive way. 

Community Support: Supporting the owners and their families in adoptions, pet ownership and support services adds to the quality of the animal’s life and an animal’s place in our community. 

Equity and Inclusion: Value the range of different backgrounds and identities that people bring, appreciate that diversity makes us better at what we do, and strive to create an environment in which everyone on the margins can thrive. 

Talbot Humane, a 501.c.3 non-profit, carries the contract with Talbot County to provide animal control services within the county 40 hours per week. 2 officers serve the entire county 365 days a year.

Talbot Humane has been helping animals on Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 1932. Our team of compassionate staff and devoted volunteers improve lives every day by fulfilling the needs of not only shelter pets, but also pets and people in our community. While our goals continue to grow, our mission always stays true to our core values of protecting animals from cruelty and neglect, providing progressive programs to people and their pets, pet adoption and community education. Talbot Humane receives approximately 1,000 animals into our care each year and serves exponentially more through our community programs such as low/no cost spay/neuter, pet food pantry, medical and behavioral intervention, end of life services and so much more. While committing to placing every treatable, adoptable pet that enters our care into a loving home, our hope is to keep as many loved pets with their owners as possible. We genuinely believe the best shelter is a humane community.

We are here to help. Our mission continues to be service to animals and their owners of the Midshore with compassion, transparency and thoughtfulness.  You are part of our Humane Community. 

lost pet

Have You Lost Your Pet?

Please check this link and contact our office to report a missing pet.

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