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Foster Program

foster parents save livesPrior to 2003, the foster program at Talbot Humane consisted of a few staff and volunteers taking pets home when they could for socialization or specialized care.  On average only 10 animals a year were fostered. All “bottle baby” kittens and pregnant mothers were, when possible, sent to a rescue  (if there was room), which could provide such care. Unfortunately, due to lack of available resources, they were sometimes euthanized.

In 2004 all of this changed with the creation of the Talbot Humane Foster Program. The first year, 40 animals were saved because of this program- from there the numbers grew exponentially!  Since June 2004 over 300 animals annually have benefited from this program filled with dedicated volunteers!

Today, we are working to continue this growth with specialized programs targeting the needs of each pet in our care.  With your help, the animals of Talbot Humane will continue to benefit from the generosity of the time, love and dedication of our foster families- reaching our goal of every treatable and adoptable pet finding it’s forever home.

Bedtime with Benji Program

The purpose of this program is two fold. We wish for these pets to learn home living skills, as well as reduce their stress level while residing at Talbot Humane.  By residing in a family setting, our ‘Benji Fosters’ will be working on house training, crate training, leash walking and basic obedience.  A dog which has learned house training skills, walks nicely on a leash, and does not bolt out the door has been given a huge advantage in finding their new forever family.

“I highly recommend it,” says ‘BTWB’ foster mom and Talbot Humane volunteer Joyce Shaffer. “We’ve had a number of them with us and it’s so much fun. Give it a try–you’ll be glad you did.”  Interested in joining the Bedtime with Benji team?  Apply today and join us in our mission to help the animals!

Kitten Season,  Always Just Around the Corner!

Yes, there IS a kitten season!  Stop by Talbot Humane between April and October and you will quickly discover just how important  kitten foster parents are to our life saving work!  Over the past several years, Talbot Humane has graduated an average of 200+ animals annually from our orphaned kitten program.  If you are interested in being a part of our team of dedicated kitten parents, apply today.

Special Needs Foster Parents

bottle baby puppiesA mother dog gives birth at Talbot Humane.  A wonderfully adoptable Labrador Retriever is diagnosed with heartworm disease.  An adorable 3 month old kitten is rushed through our doors with a broken leg.  These are everyday occurrences at Talbot Humane, with each of these pets in need of specialized attention.  Special needs foster homes are helping Talbot Humane reach our goal of placing every treatable and adoptable pet into a forever home.  Without such dedication, these animals would not have their much deserved second chance.  Interested?  Submit your application to help today or contact us for more information at adoptions@talbothumane.org or (410)822-0107.

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