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April Volunteer Spotlight- The Spiker Family


A lifelong animal lover, Kelsey and her family have been a gift to Talbot Humane. In 2019 they adopted a new family member – a big goofy brindle boy then named “Spoink”. Following she and her step daughters joined our volunteer force also engaging her youth ministry in helping the animals of our community.


This winter they stepped into a new role- foster family.


When Ellie and her 10 puppies arrived at Talbot Humane in January, all 11 were in poor condition. Once out of the woods our team put out a call for foster homes. 5 families each took in a pair of pups. 6 weeks is a long time to not fall in love and then have to give them back- this is what makes our fosters so special. The Spiker family lugged 2 puppies with them everywhere- including church! This love and commitment helped social and find loving homes! Kelsey shared a beautiful post about fostering on social media, the following is a portion: “…Was it hard to drop them off? Yes. But much more joy, love & laughter was experienced than we would have had without them. It was our gift to someone else’s family. We need more joy, love, laughter, and gifts to others in this world.”


We wish to thank all of our amazing foster families for the love, time and heart they give to those who need them most. Shout out to our other puppy foster families: Rhonda Stinchcomb, Jenna Green, Caitlin Coutu, and The Bentz’s.


If you would like to learn more about fostering contact our Foster Coordinator JP Hooker today, or Submit your application here: Foster Application

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