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9 Lives for $9 – Feline Frenzy at Talbot Humane

We understand adopting a new pet brings a number of expenses such as food, litter, a wellness check at the veterinarian, flea and tick treatment and so on.  In an effort to place the more than 180 cats in our care into new loving homes we have drastically lowered the adoption fees to encourage adoption.

When you adopt from Talbot Humane, especially during the times when our shelter is at capacity, you are not only saving the life of the animal you adopt, you are also saving those still waiting for a home.  At Talbot Humane, we believe it is our obligation to place every adoptable pet into a new home.  This mission is not easy, but with your help it can be accomplished.

For every animal entering our adoption program, we spend approximately $100 on medical care.  For sick animals or those with special needs, this cost rises greatly.  When you add in expenses such as food, litter, and staffing to care for the more than 1,300 animals which enter our care annually, the cost per animal is significant.  On top of the monetary expense, studies show for every day an feline resides in a shelter situation, their chance for illness rises by 3%.    This is why the support of our community through donations and adoption is so vital!

For more information on how to adopt or help the multitude of wonderful felines available, please stop by, call or email us today!  If we all do a little, together we make a huge difference for the animals.

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