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Small Mammal

Rabbits, and guinea pigs and hamsters oh my! Yes, we see many of these pets each year! Better known as pocket pets, these small animals each have special needs- sometimes the most important of these being daily handling and attention! While they are often a great first pet, we encourage adopters to be prepared to provide for the special needs of each animal. Examples are rabbits and guinea pigs need fresh veggies as part of their daily diets (romaine lettuce, and dark greens are the best!) All small mammals need to be handled on a daily basis in order to stay socialized. Lack of attention for even a couple of weeks can result in your pet being skiddish and begin to bite. Stop by and meet our friends, we would love to help you choose the right pet for your home!


Apr 10th, 2024


Apr 10th, 2024
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