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Voted Best Non-Profit on the Eastern Shore

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Thanks to your support, your commitment to helping us fulfill our mission, and the amazing work of our staff and volunteers, readers of What’s Up? Eastern Shore have named Talbot Humane as the Best Non-Profit on the Shore!  We are thankful for your support to help us continue to grow our programs and services. 

Did you know?

  • Since 1932 Talbot Humane, FKA Talbot County Humane Society, FKA Friends to the Animals has been serving animals in need across the Mid-Shore.
  • Talbot Humane has had a low or no cost spay/neuter program for public pets since 2000.  As of May 31st, we have already provide free or very low cost surgeries to over 300 pets from the Mid-shore.
  • We offer humane education lessons and visits to every school in Talbot County. Just call to schedule a visit!
  • Our public pet pantry has been open for owners in need since 2008.  We serve approximately 100 residents monthly.
  • We offer pet bereavement services to residents of the Mid-Shore area on the first Thursday of each month.
  • Talbot Humane offers a behavioral hotline for pet owners in crisis.  Our goal is to keep pets with caring owners.
  • We offer low-cost microchip services to pet owners. The goal, to reunite pets with owners BEFORE they ever reach our doors!
  • As our ability to provide services and education to the community has grown over the last 10 years, the number of animals entering our care has dropped by almost 1/2.  This is a testament to the power of education and support!
  • In order to provide services at the current level, that is provide daily care to animals, animal control services, all of the services listed above and MORE, it costs $2,383 PER DAY, 365 days a year.
 Your support allows Talbot Humane to continue expanding our programs and improving the lives of pets and residents, not only in Talbot County but, across the Mid-Shore. 

We Thank You!

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