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November 30th, 2022

Ink and Pearl *Bonded Barn Cats*

Ink and Pearl are a bonded pair of 5 year old barn cats. Ink is a neutered male and Pearl is a spayed female. They have both been microchipped. Ink and Pearl are shy cats, but warm up with consistent interaction. Ink is the more outgoing of the two. They are both afraid of loud noises, but especially Pearl. Both have lived in a climate-controlled, 1600 square foot office in a barn since their adoption. They are excellent mousers and snake killers. Not picky eaters, and not picky litter users. While they live in the barn, neither of them know what to do once outside. The few times they have found themselves outside during the night, they end up hiding until they are led back to their room in the morning. They have no been around children or dogs.

The cats will be rehomed with three cases of wet food, a bag of dry food, and if wanted, their litter boxes and kitty litter. They also have three kitty condos. They share one can of wet food with a small handful of dry food sprinkled on top for breakfast and a large handful of dry food for dinner. They are not current on vaccines.

Additional Information

  • Spayed/Neutered

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