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July 2nd, 2024


  • Age – 9 months
  • Sex – Male
  • Breed: Great Dane/Boxer Mix
  • Weight:
  • Arrived at the shelter: 6/1/24
  • Adoption Fee: $90

Get ready to fall in love with Rocco, a 9-month-old bundle of energy and joy! This sweet boy is a Great Dane Boxer mix with a personality that’s as big as his paws are long. As a puppy, he’s still got his puppy charm, with drooly jowls and an irresistible smile that’ll melt your heart.

Rocco is a smart boy who thrives on structure and consistency. He’s super food motivated, which makes training a breeze. He’s already learned basic commands and is eager to learn more. With positive reinforcement and plenty of treats, he’ll pick up new tricks in no time.

As a large breed puppy, Rocco has plenty of growing room and will need a patient and active family to help him develop into his adult self. He loves to run around and play, but he’s also happy to curl up in a cozy spot for snuggles and belly rubs.

One of Rocco’s most endearing qualities is his goofy personality. He’s always getting into mischief, whether it’s stealing socks or knocking over a plant (accidentally, of course!). He’s a bit of a klutz, but it’s impossible not to laugh at his antics.

Despite his energy level, Rocco is still a big softie at heart. He loves people and will follow you everywhere, always looking for attention and affection. He’s still learning social skills, so he’ll benefit from being part of an active family who can help him develop good manners.

If you’re looking for a furry friend who’ll bring laughter and excitement to your life, Rocco is the perfect fit. He’s a big boy with an even bigger personality, and we know he’ll make some lucky family very happy.

Rocco is available for foster to adopt while awaiting his neuter.

Additional Information

  • Up-to-date with shots
  • Age 9 months
  • Gender male
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