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July 2nd, 2024


  • Age – 13 year
  • Sex – Spayed Female
  • Breed: Domestic Medium Hair – Dilute Calico
  • Arrived at the shelter: 6/12/24
  • Adoption Fee: $0

Are you looking for a loving and affectionate feline companion to brighten up your life? Look no further than Margret, a stunning 13-year-old spayed female cat with a coat as soft as silk and eyes that sparkle with mystery.

Margret’s long, flowing fur is a mesmerizing dilute calico, but it’s her eyes that truly set her apart – scarred from a previous surgery, they may not be perfect, but they still hold a deep wisdom and knowing glint that’s impossible to ignore.

Despite her eye issues, Margret has adjusted wonderfully to her new reality. She’s adapted to living with limited vision, but she navigates her surroundings with ease and confidence. And when she’s in her happy place, surrounded by calm and gentle companionship, she’s a true joy to behold.

Margret adores the company of other cats who share her easygoing nature, and she thrives in a peaceful environment where she can lounge in the sunbeams and purr contentedly. She’s not high-maintenance, content to spend her days lounging on soft blankets.

Additional Information

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with shots
  • House Trained
  • Age 13 years
  • Gender spayed female
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