Talbot Humane

February 16th, 2023


  • Age – 9 years
  • Sex – Spayed Female
  • Breed: Chihuahua Mix
  • Arrived at the shelter: 7/28/22
  • Adoption Fee: $90

☑ Tolerates Cats
✖ No dogs
✖ No children

Sometimes a dog comes to the shelter and they live right up to their name. They are sweet, gentle, cuddly. They check all the boxes and make transitions to a new home an absolute breeze.

Lady is not that dog. Lady came to Talbot Humane when her family was moving. We’re pretty sure, at this point, that they were running away from her. She has been with us since July. That’s over 200 days and in that time we’re positive she has simply been plotting her revenge. When our team talked about listing her for adoption, half of the team laughed, the other half said, “Oh no…We have to tell them.” And it’s true, we have to be honest with you. Lady is not a lady. She is not sweet, or gentle, or cuddly. She checks all the boxes, but instead of “Good Dog”, that checklist says, “Psychopath”.

She is 13 pounds of pure outrage. With eyes that are practically going in two different directions, we’re sure she can see behind her. She knows you are there and she’s always watching. We asked staff to describe her and well, they didn’t hold back. “She’s opinionated.” “She picks her people.” “Lady’s an acquired taste.” “Tell her new owners to sleep with one eye open.” It only progressed from there…

Here’s the facts…Lady hates other dogs. That 13 pound little frame turns into a tornado of rage when it comes to other dogs. She has zero self-preservation instincts and fears nothing. She will tolerate a cat, as long as they leave her alone. She’ll tolerate people if they leave her alone, as well. Lady doesn’t do sit, or  stay, or down…unless she wants to.

Lady guards her food. And her toys. And her treats. And her water bowl. You really don’t want to get between her and her food. We wouldn’t advise letting her chew things into sharp objects – she may shank someone.

If we haven’t scared you off completely, here’s the good things: She is very house broken. She is going to make an excellent guard dog. No one is going to sneak up on your house. Ever. And once she’s decided you are her person, you’re good (other than with her food). She’s going to love you and be happy to be near you. She loves to play with toys, especially plushies.  She loves her bed more than anything else in the world.

We know it’s a long shot. We know Lady is not the dream dog people are beating our doors down to meet. But we also know that the shelter is not a home for Lady.

Additional Information

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with shots
  • House Trained
  • Age 9 yrs
  • Gender spayed female
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