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June 5th, 2024

Beau and Ziggy *Bonded*

**Meet Beau and Ziggy, the Dynamic Duo of Guinea Pigs!**

Beau and Ziggy are a 5-year-old pair of bonded guinea pigs who have been inseparable their entire lives. They are a neutered male and female duo, and they’re looking for a forever home where they can continue to share their adventures and snuggles together.

Ziggy is the chatty one of the pair – she loves to “talk” to her humans and will often respond to their voices with a series of squeaks and chirps. She’s a social butterfly and loves meeting new people, but she’s also happy to curl up in her favorite hiding spot and observe the world around her.

Beau, on the other hand, is a total cuddlebug. He loves to snuggle up against his humans and will often nuzzle his head against them for scratches and pets. He’s a bit more laid-back than Ziggy, but he’s just as affectionate and loves to spend quality time with his humans.

Together, Beau and Ziggy make an unstoppable pair. They’re best friends and will often groom each other, share their favorite foods, and even cuddle up together in their favorite hiding spots.



Additional Information

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Age 5 years
  • Gender neutered male and female
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