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ID saves LIVES- ID Specials for April at Talbot Humane!

It is a proven fact.  Identification SAVES lives.  According to the ASPCA Professional Blog, the rate of stray dogs and cats being returned to their owners/guardians “hovers between 10-30% for dogs and less than 5% for cats.”  In Talbot county our rates are 37% and 5% respectively.  This is a horribly low number!  Your pets cannot tell us where they live, or, your phone number.  We need owners to be proactive.  Even the most responsible pet owner could  have a pet go missing.  Our goal is for every loved pet to be returned home when lost.  But, for this, we need pet owner’s help!

Before disaster strikes- properly identifying your pet. 

Beautiful affectionate cat, stray. No one called for her…

The best ID combination consists of a microchip, plus a pet license tag and a personalized tag hanging from the collar. Having just one form of ID may not work—pets can lose their collars or the microchip information may not be current in the local animal shelter licensing or national microchip databases. Even indoor-only animals need identification—in case someone leaves a door or window open and they escape unnoticed, for example. Pet ID is also important in case of an emergency or when disaster strikes your home or neighborhood. If there is a fire or a natural disaster, it may be necessary to evacuate your companion animals even if you are not home at the time.

If the worst happens

Geriatric Bassett Hound, certainly missing his family. Never claimed.

Call your local animal control agency, veterinary offices and neighbors immediately.  Do not assume your beloved pet “will find their way home,” because the fact is, all too often they don’t.  Make sure your microchip information is up to date annually, with current addresses and phone numbers.  Purchase your county license annually.  Talbot Humane keeps a database with every license sold.  so many times animals are returned by the good citizens who find the pets- BECAUSE they are properly identified.

Take advantage of Talbot Humane’s Pet ID Services

Talbot Humane is celebrating National Pet ID week by offering $1 engraved ID tags and $10 microchip services for the month of April.  Call today to make an appointment, (410)822-0107.   Why take the chance on never seeing your beloved pet again?  ID does save lives, and, prevents broken hearts too.



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