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If you have ever had a pet go missing, you know the stress and fear it brings. Even if you find your pet within minutes, the panic one feels is something you will not soon forget. In fiscal year 2012, Talbot Humane had 721 stray dogs and cats enter our facility. Sadly, only 96 dogs and 20 cats were reclaimed by their owners. The main reason? No one called looking for them! Our goal for this fiscal year is to double the number of family reunions, and decrease the number of stray animals entering our shelter. To help, Talbot Humane will be offering free ID tags as well as $15 microchip services starting now, through the end of August 2012. All you have to do is call to make an appointment.

Here is a small bit of helpful information to keep your pet safe:

  • Have proper identification on your pet- please have tags on your pets’ collars. For those with Houdini dogs (like me!) that can get tags off of their collars, writing your phone number in permanent marker on the inside of the collar is a quick and easy identifier.
  • Microchip all pets, even indoor cats. By doing so, you are providing a permanent identifier, even if the collar and tags go missing.
  • As soon as you notice your pet is missing call your local humane society and police department. At Talbot Humane we have a missing/found log at the front desk. Often animals of those who call immediately are reunited without ever having to enter our facility.
  • Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible. Talbot county residents click www.PetHarbor.com. This website uploads the stray animal inventory directly from the Talbot Humane database so the public can check and see if their pet has entered our facility. It does not work for every agency, but, if your pet comes into Talbot Humane as a stray, it will be on the site within 24 hours. The animals remain on this site for 7 days,the window which the county legally gives owners to reclaim their lost pets.
  • If you see a pet roaming the streets, call your local animal control agency. They may have already received a call from the owner, and a reunion could be moments away!

Nobody expects to have their pet go missing, and we hope you never do. By being prepared for the worst, you will increase the chance for a happy family reunion.

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