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Love is in the Air in February!

For the entire month of February, adopters will receive a customized pet adoption photo and and a new bestie goodie bag. It is our way of saying thank you for adopting a shelter pet! Check out our adoptable pets now! Animals Available for Adoption

Happy Anniversary, JoJo!

On January 26, 2012 Officer Gonzalez responded to a call for abandoned animals in a home. When he arrived he found a yellow naped amazon living in filthy conditions, no food or water, cage filled with feces. The poor guy was in bad condition too, very pale and missing a lot of feathers- so many in fact we had a hard time identifying his breed!
While he may not have been in the best shape, JoJo was still spunky. The entire ride back to the shelter he had some “colorful” words for Officer Gonzalez! Untrusting of strangers and quite the potty mouth, I moved him into my office. I didn’t really expect him to become a permanent fixture in the early days. But his nervousness around strangers and the fact that he would bite the heck out of anyone- including me, made him less than popular for adoption.
As many of his feathers starting to return, and his color improved so did his trust. While he is still very selective, he now loves attention!
If you have ever visited the shelter you may have had a JoJo greeting- he loves to greet visitors with his “Hello”, and to answer the phone. He uses “That Word” a lot less now- but he is still sassy and will interject with a laugh any chance he gets in a conversation. For a bird who would only eat “junk food” in his early days with us, I now cook for him weekly (he’s not spoiled or anything) but he will still beg for your lunch- especially pizza crust!
Thank you for 10 fun years of being a great assistant director. JoJo I pray we have at least 10 more!

Giant Foods Bags That Give Back for Talbot Humane

(Easton, Maryland) – Reduce single-use plastic in the environment and give back to those in need in the local community, all while running routine weekly errands at the local Giant Food. Talbot Humane has been selected by local Giant Food store leadership as the benefiting non-profit in the Community Bag Program for the month of February!

The Giant Food Community Bag Program is an easy way for shoppers to give back to the local community and the environment as part of the regular shopping routine. Every $2.50 reusable Community Bag sends a $1 donation to a non-profit local to the Giant Food in which it was purchased.

As part of this ongoing program, every month at every Giant Food location a different local non-profit is selected to benefit from the sale of the reusable Community Bag. Talbot Humane was selected as the February beneficiary by local store leadership at the store located in Easton. Talbot Humane will receive a $1 donation for every $2.50 reusable Community Bag purchased at this location in February.

“It’s more important than ever to help reduce single-use plastic in the environment,” Patty Crankshaw-Quimby, Executive Director of Talbot Humane. “Non-profits at the local level, like us, are in need of community support. This program offers the perfect solution to multiple issues of the world today. We hope you’ll support us in February by purchasing one – or two! – Community Bags at our local Giant Food!”

For more information about the Giant Food Community Bag, please visit www.giantfood.bags4mycause.com

Simple ways to help the animals!

There are some pretty easy ways to make a big difference for the animals of Talbot Humane! Unused gift cards, round up, unused vehicles, AmazonSmile and more- all make a difference!

Charity Choice: Turn those unused gift cards into donations for Talbot Humane! Charity Choice for Talbot Humane

Donate a Vehicle with Car Easy: https://careasy.org/nonprofit/TalbotHumane

Round Up for the animals! Easy and you set the limit each month- EVERY penny counts! Round Up for Talbot Humane!


January Staff Spotlight- Amy Eutsey

Officially a staff member since January 2015, Amy has been involved with Talbot Humane for more than 10 years!

Her role with us began as head coach of our UNLEASHED team- Talbot Humane’s Charity running program. Training hundreds of local friends over the past 10 years to cross finish lines and raise funds for the animals is a passion for Amy.

In 2015 Amy joined our staff as the database coordinator and later became our volunteer coordinator. Amy’s patient manner and kind heart is a perfect fit for our volunteer force. “These friends are so dedicated to the animals and the shelter, it is a pleasure working with them” shares Amy.

This year while the shelter celebrates 90 years of service, UNLEASHED will also hit a milestone- 10 years of ordinary folks to do extraordinary things for themselves and the animals! We are gearing up to train a new team for the Richmond running festival in November 2022- be on the look out for information coming in April!

If you see Amy, thank her for her work, we are thankful to have her as part of our team!

#BettyWhite Challenge- Helping Animals in Need

As we all know the gift of Betty White left us on December 31, 2021. While she brought great laughter and joy to many of us through her comedy, those of us in animal welfare knew her as a true advocate for those without a voice. Throughout her life and career, she used her fame to help animals across the world.

At the time of her passing a trend began on social media. The #BettyWhiteChallenge, which encourages animal lovers and those who loved Betty to make a donation to their local shelter on January 17, 2022- what would be her 100th birthday.

Talbot Humane hopes our friends will join in celebrating the amazing life of this kind and funny lady and join the challenge! Just think, if 1,000 friends donate $10 each we could raise $10,000 in her honor!

If you are so inclined we welcome you to make your donation online today: Talbot Humane Donation Page

January Volunteer Spotlight- Trey Cherbonnier

Trey joined the Talbot Humane volunteer team in 2021. A dog lover, Trey also has mad skills when it comes to carpentry and repair work. Always a smiling face, Trey will literally show up and say “What do you need done today!” Whether walking a dog that needs some TLC or changing a door handle, he is here for the animals and staff.

With an aged building that is always in need of repairs, Trey with the assistance of his dad, has repaired kennel doors, caulking, cracked floor in the dog kennels, repaired doors, lights and more around the shelter.

This fall Trey went and spoke with the great friends at Lowe’s of Easton and asked if they would be interested in donating supplies to assist with the repairs. They stepped up and really made a difference! Thanks to Trey and our humane community they saved a tremendous amount of money that can be put towards other needs- such as animals in need of medical care.

We are lucky to have Trey on our team, if you see him around thank him for the work he does for the shelter and animals!

Celebrating 90 years!

This year Talbot Humane (FKA Talbot County Humane Society) celebrates 90 years of serving our community! We are looking forward to sharing the history of our shelter and the work done for the animals of the Midshore as well as look to see what the future holds.


If you or a family member was involved in the shelter and have photos or memorabilia you would like to share or lend, please contact Patty Quimby today patty@talbothumane.org or 410-822-0107.

Plans for Expansion to Better Serve the Community

2021 was a landmark year for Talbot Humane, a nonprofit that has served the midshore since 1932, seeing to the well-being of animals and the needs of the community in a wealth of ways, from offering spay/neuter assistance and carefully considered adoptions to crafting legislation to improve animal welfare and micro-chipping pets. In November, the shelter acquired land and a building next door to the existing premises. The real estate was purchased directly from St. Peter and Paul Church.  

Talk about serendipity! 

“A much-needed updating and expansion of our facility was something we had been considering for a while, but it hadn’t made it past the back burner,” says Patty Crankshaw-Quimby, Talbot Humane’s Executive Director. “We were happily surprised by the opportunity that literally fell into our laps. It was the proverbial ‘offer you can’t refuse.’ Saint Peter and Paul approached us to ask if we had any interest in acquiring the real estate. The answer was a resounding “yes”! (Indeed, the Parish House was the locale of our holiday gift shop.) 

A vastly updated and enlarged shelter will enhance Talbot Humane’s efforts on behalf of the animals in our care and beyond.  We will be able to offer services to members of our community—and perhaps even beyond Talbot County {“Animals in need know nothing of geographic boundaries,” Patty says).     

With the land and building now in our possession, we have entered the planning phase of what will be a years-long effort. Early wish-list brainstorming has already begun.  

“A facility with plenty of natural light is key,” says Patty, knowing that this cuts down on the animals’ stress level. Animals flourish when they get a sense of daylight. “Their comfort will be considered at every turn.” She explains that enclosures will no longer be “cages” and chain link. Well-maintained green spaces will punctuate the campus, offering great play spaces for the animals. Medical facilities will be expanded. Also benefitting from the up-to-date shelter will be staffers, volunteers, and the public. Colorful, inviting areas for potential adopters to spend time with the animals will be paramount. Plans will be drawn up with an eye toward maximum efficiency, sustainability, and use of technology.  

“2022 marks Talbot Humane’s 90th anniversary,” says Board President Bridget Horner. “We are thrilled to be entering this banner new year with such a groundbreaking project.”

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